A First Time Investors Guide to Property Investment

Property investment can present an exciting and rewarding opportunity, but for first-time investors it can also be a rather overwhelming prospect with complex investment models, complicated terms and industry jargon often creating confusion and uncertainty.

At Hubb Property Group, we like to keep things simple; we work with potential investors to ensure that all of our investment opportunities are clearly presented and we spend as much time as necessary ensuring that every aspect of the investment is fully understood. We then offer an open and transparent approach throughout the investment period, frequently sharing information and updates with our investor community.

Within this article, we attempt to explain a little more about investing with Hubb Property Group and the investment options available…

Choose your preferred investment model based on what you want to achieve

By outlining your objectives and investment requirements, we can help to determine the investment model that offers the most desirable return on investment. There are two investment options available with Hubb Property Group:

Development funding: If you’re looking to achieve a potentially high return over a shorter term, your main objective may be capital growth; therefore development funding may be the best route for you. This investment model involves sourcing undervalued and under-utilised real estate in emerging and high-demand locations, transforming it into high quality homes before selling the property to achieve maximum financial return. Typical terms from 6 to 18 months.

Buy-to-let: If you wish to supplement your primary income with a secondary source over a longer term, then the buy-to-let investment model could provide you with a regular monthly income as well as potential capital growth at the end of the investment term (once the property is sold.) Typical terms from 3 to 5 years.

Invest an amount you feel comfortable with

With investment opportunities starting from as little as £10,000, we offer investors a unique opportunity to own a share in high-yielding and high return properties with a relatively small outlay. This not only spreads risk, it also boosts buying power and provides investors with the option of investing in multiple properties, diversifying their investments and building their own property portfolio.

Take advantage of expert property experience

We identify high potential property investment opportunities and offer investors the chance to benefit from our insights, skills and experience. Our long-established relationships with property experts across the UK allow us to source run-down properties, Below Market Value (BMV) opportunities and secure off-market deals.

Avoid the need for a mortgage

Hubb Property Group creates an opportunity for simple and straightforward property investment without a mortgage or even credit checks. There are still risks involved, however you can choose to invest an amount you feel comfortable with.

Benefit from hassle-free property management

Avoid the stress of late night phone calls from tenants and the difficulties that can often come with local property management companies. The team at Hubb Property Group manages all stages of the buying, development, letting and selling process. Management fees apply to buy-to-let investments; all fees are all clearly outlined to investors before contracts are signed.

Be confident that your investment is secure
All investments with Hubb Property Group are secure. Development funding investments are secured through a Debenture which means you will have a charge over the assets (i.e. property) of the company. Buy-to-let investments are secured through an SPV (a special purpose vehicle/entity) which involves a subsidiary Limited Company being created solely to hold the property. This is ring-fenced from all other assets and liabilities within the Hubb Property Group.

Understanding the risks

Investors have the opportunity to easily split their funds across different properties, investment types and UK regions. This spreads the risks of vacant lets, unexpected costs and regional housing market downturns.

Hubb Property Group has consistently delivered high returns to investors, but there are no hard and fast rules in terms of profit and no absolute guarantees. As with any investments, values can go down as well as up.

Accessing your funds

It is important that you consider the exit options when deciding on the most suitable investment opportunity. When investing in buy-to-let properties, investors have the opportunity to sell their shares at any time, providing a suitable buyer can be found. Development funding requires all funds to be held within the property investment until the property is sold at the end of the agreed term.

If you would like to discuss your personal investment objectives and/or find out more about our current opportunities, we’d love to hear from you. Call us today on +44 (0)117 4220122 or email enquiries@hubb.co.uk