How your property investment can be Brexit-proof

The ongoing uncertainty over Brexit has inevitably led many investors to question whether it is a wise time to invest in property.

There is no doubt that Brexit has caused some stagnation within the wider UK economy, with business investment falling throughout 2018, according to government figures. This is a clear sign that people are nervous and want to hold off on big spending decisions until they have some clarity.

But when it comes to property, this makes it an ideal time to snap up some great deals which will later gain in value.

While every investment carries some element of risk, property in the UK represents one of the safest places you could put your money.

Of course the housing market fluctuates but because demand continues to outstrip supply, the overall long-term trend in the UK remains one of rising prices.

Even when nationwide the housing market is facing a dip, there are always pockets of the country where property values are increasing.

Regions, towns and cities with growing economies, healthy job markets and ongoing regeneration projects will continue to attract a steady flow of new arrivals and investment, keeping their property markets buoyant, even if prices fall elsewhere.

As property investment experts with dozens of years combined experience, it is our job to identify these potential growth areas – and the best prospects for development or asset management they offer.

The student property market is particularly resilient to other market forces as, whatever the state of the economy, there will always be millions of students each year needing somewhere to live.

With universities now having to function like businesses, most have ambitious plans to increase their student numbers in order to drive up revenue so, for the foreseeable future, demand is going to increase.

Again, we carefully research which higher education institutions have the greatest plans and potential for growth balanced against the ready supply of student accommodation to make well informed decisions about where to invest to maximise the returns.

There is no doubt that Brexit and its inevitable knock on effect on economy will affect some short-term returns which is why we always take the current climate into account when presenting our calculations and proposals to potential investors.

This open and honest approach means our investors trust us to provide figures based on realistic and achievable return-on-investment projections.

Bearing all this in mind, the current period of steadier property prices is actually a perfect moment to invest in order to add value to a property.

Once Brexit has happened, the dust has settled and the country regains some certainty, it is likely we’ll see a surge of business investment and flurry of activity and growth across the property market.

A sensible investor would make the most of this quieter period to scoop up some great deals and ensure they are ahead of the competition to be ready and waiting when the market takes off again.

When investing with Hubb, you can be reassured any investment decisions will only be made after plenty of forward planning with market and economic research into the areas where properties are located, carried out by industry experts who do this day in, day out. We apply a ‘head over heart’ strategy to our investment decisions to secure the best returns for everyone.