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Hubb Development BR63 is an exciting opportunity to strategically refurbish a fully extended, four-bedroom Victorian property in one of London’s most sought-after boroughs, Wandsworth.

The first phase of the refurbishment works will include the modernisation of the open plan kitchen and dining area, the reception room, all bathrooms and bedrooms. The second phase will include improvements to the external facade, roof and rear garden area.

This Victorian property is located on a beautiful tree-lined street within the borough of Wandsworth, South West London. On either side of the street, there are an abundance of independently owned cafes, fashionable shops, bars, and restaurants. The open spaces and recreational facilities of Wandsworth Common are moments from the front door and transport connections can be found at Clapham Junction’s mainline station.

Based upon our previous success with this type of development, we endeavour to achieve a Gross Development Value of £1,750,000. Our projections are calculated using more than a decade of proven experience and expertise, supported by live industry analytics, credible estate agents and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).




Fund Type: Secured Loan Note (also known as a Bond or Coupon)

Fund Size: £100,000 (£nil currently available)

Projected Term: 13 to 15 months

Interest Rate: 12% p.a. A further 2% p.a. is available (totalling 14% p.a.) subject to;

  • your commitment in at least one or more fixed income bonds within Hubb, and
  • the minimum investment criteria being met

Security: Legal Charge

All information correct as of September 2021


Minimum Investment: £20,000

Latest Valuation: £1,350,000

Liquidity: Certificates are not transferable and there is no guarantee of a secondary market so you should plan to invest for the full term

Projected Term: Whilst we include a contingency with each investment opportunity, the quoted term may be further impacted by factors outside our control. As such, we recommended to include your own contingencies and to not be reliant on the redemption (your principal investment and accrued interest) on the Projected Maturity Date

Interest Calculation: The amount of interest for this opportunity is fixed over a period of time; also known as Simple Interest

Interest Payments: Paid once; on maturity of the bond or within 48-hours of receiving cleared funds from the sale of the asset. Any overseas investors may be subject to a 20% Withholding Tax, as required by UK law

Due Diligence: The financial projections for this opportunity have been calculated with consideration to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Integrated contingency lines have been included to ensure that the figures presented represent a realistic and achievable return-on-investment at the end of the project term.

Hubb Property Group Ltd and the Landowner of BR63 have entered into a Landowner Collaboration Agreement pursuant to which Hubb will undertake certain refurbishment works to the property prior to its marketing for sale.


You can find our Frequently Asked Questions on the link below, WhatsApp +44(0) 7825 737647 or email

Hubb Property Group does not offer investment advice. The figures provided are projections, not facts, and you should not rely on them. Property prices can fall as well as rise, and it is possible you could lose money on an investment with us. Risk Statement