The impact of Brexit uncertainty and safeguarding investments from market changes

Few would disagree with the fact that, until a trade deal is agreed, the sentiment throughout the UK is one of uncertainty, with no clear indication as to whether post-Brexit Britain will be more or less prosperous than previous years.

It’s also undeniable that this uncertainty appears to have resulted in a drop in consumer confidence and has had something of a cooling effect on the property market, most notably in London and the South East.

However, rather than this resulting in a completely negative environment, general opinion is that this market slowdown is more of an indication that property owners, particularly in London, are choosing to wait to see what the final shape of the of the UK/EU relationship really looks like once Brexit is implemented. Essentially, this looks to be a short-term situation with potential for the medium to longer term outlook to remain resilient.

Also worth a mention is one of the beneficial by-products of the Brexit vote has been a new focus on the UK regions; house price growth in parts of the North, Midlands and Scotland is already fuelling a housing boom, and demand for quality rented property, often in towns or cities where a new generation of well-paid professionals are seeking accommodation, is most definitely on the up.

With Britain’s collective wealth being shared more equally across the country, this is creating huge investment opportunities within the UK residential property market, particularly for investors who are prepared to look further afield than London and the South East of England.

However, like all businesses currently operating beneath the Brexit shadow, Hubb continues to assess the market and makes proactive changes to ensure that they can actively prepare the business and protect its investors from any challenges brought about by Brexit, as well as be equipped to capitalise on the opportunities that may arise.

Oliver Hawthorne, Managing Director at Hubb comments: “All investment opportunities with Hubb are individually calculated with careful consideration to current political, economic and competitive markets, with integrated contingency lines and investment safeguarding, resulting in realistic and most importantly, achievable return-on-investment projections”.

“This proactive and transparent approach not only adds a level of assurance to all investment opportunities, but it also ensures that we are perfectly placed to quickly respond to change, adding both flexibility and control to our business model, preparing Hubb and our investors for any future market complexities.”

So, as it appears that negotiations are edging towards a conclusion, with some reports stating that a deal could be struck later this month, the challenge for investors remains the same; it’s all about analysing and understanding the market and identifying the best deals, and that’s exactly what Hubb does best.

A number of new investment opportunities will soon be launching with numerous property acquisitions planned in the south-west and nationwide. As always, these opportunities are offered exclusively to registered investors.

For more information or to register your interest, please contact us.