Expansion to the Mall at Cribbs Causeway ushers investment opportunities

The opportunity for property investment in Bristol may widen if the planned development of a multimillion pound extension to the Mall at Cribbs Causeways goes ahead.

The scheme is likely to put a spotlight on the area, positioning the Mall as a major “day out” attraction for the South West. Jobs and property investment in Bristol are also likely to benefit from the plans.

The plans show how the development would see the Mall become a major force in the UK retail and leisure sector.

A Win / Win Development.

When large concept builds such as this are planned, the agreement of many agencies is required. In this case there are still some barriers with concerns raised by Bristol City Council and Bath and North East Somerset Council on the ramifications for the city centres. Discussions on the best way forward for the Cribbs Causeway expansion are ongoing within the council.

The positives of such developments are easy to pin point. Transport, with new links, a bridge, a bus station, hotel, and car parking, will be greatly strengthened. Employment, both in the development phase and the ongoing retail phase, will also see gains. The overarching effect of this will be to make the area more vibrant and increase facilities for both local and regional residents.

The total project size is over £300m and will generate 3000 construction jobs and 3750 permanent jobs. The planned 150 apartments will shore up the housing requirements in this already popular residential area.

Opinion of shoppers was very positive, with 83% in favour of the expansion. The expansion is, in no small part, driven by the needs of shop owners for differing store sizes compared to the current options from the original 17 year old building. The planned anchor store (rumours have it that Selfridges or House of Fraser may be in the offing) is also great news for shoppers.


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